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Coil heaters are compact heating elements consisting of a coiled wire encased in a protective sheath. They provide localized heating and are commonly used in applications requiring rapid and efficient heat transfer.

Kalka Engineering manufactures high quality Coil Heaters that ensure the best with respect to safety and performance. A coil heater owes it importance top his great versatility the possibility to reach high working temperatures in small spaces allows to support the most difficult needs. 

Coil heaters are an advance concept of thermal engineering which has a construction similar to high watt density cartridge heaters. The basic construction of these heaters consists of compacted MGO, high temperature resistance wire and chrome nickel steel tube. These heaters can be constructed with or without built in thermocouples. They are widely used on hot runner nozzles and manifolds, die cast nozzles, packaging machines etc.

Standard features

  • Flat surface for better contact & improved heat conduction.
  • Voltage & wattage according to application.
  • Maximum heat transfer due to more contact area.
  • Precision fit on hot runner nozzles.
  • High non corrosive.
  • Choice of terminal exits.
  • Available within built thermocouple.


Got a Question?

1. A variety of Watt Density choices
2. Stubborn Design
3. Integrated thermocouple
4. Precision fit
5. Very Low Corrosive
6. Max heat transfer
7. Complex Thermodynamics

1. Blow moulding equipment
2. An extrusion device
Hot Runner System 3.
4. Machine for injection moulding
5. Thermal-forming device
6. Nozzles made of die-cast
7. Packaging equipment

Get in touch with us for all your inquiries and needs.

Get in touch with us for all your inquiries and needs.

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